Unlike humans who manage to speak gibberish in almost 7000 languages as of date, the computing world too, has managed to get stoked with almost 2000 programming languages according to Encyclopedia Britannica. Unlike any IT professional, Java and C++ are perhaps two of the commonest and most useful programming languages that any layman equipped with a desktop must know.

c++ certifications

Also, while opting for certifications, it is better not to compare different programming languages and tools since they are gateways to employers and distributing systems. Many certifications tend to be coupled with courses, and this helps to minimize the entire cost of the exam, nevertheless.


C++ is one of the leading programs of an operating system, more inclusively drivers and controllers. For instance, if you expect high and remarkable performance, and you need to have a programming tool that can master tonnes of responses within the shortest time frame, then, C++ is probably the one for you.

With the demand of C++ in programming and information technology, the C++ institute and Pearson VUE tended to expand their horizon towards IT enthusiasts by offering 6 international C/C++ certificates, 3 each belonging to C and C++.

With a C plus plus CERTIFICATIONS in your CV

With a certification in C++ in your CV, you are surely a cinch to win the job you have your heart set on. Most operating system administrators tend to have special requirements of employees with various programming languages. For instance, most web developers and IT enthusiasts have to excel in Java and C/C++ at least to qualify for a job in their field, or their resumes would be wasting breath and piling up in the trash bin.

While C++ is an important programming language and since thousands of web developers across the world use it to code applications or their domain, it is not a wonder why. Let’s tell you how you can get a certification in C/C++ today. However, let’s not kid ourselves; you really need to study for the exam you opt for.


From associate to professional to senior level certifications, choose from the lowest and climb the ladder to achieve the highest paid job in the field. With a senior programming certification, no one would think twice to hire somebody else. So, let’s break the certs down, shall we?

There are three certifications, as we already mentioned above:

  • C++ Certified Associate Programmer (CPA)
  • C++ Certified Professional Programmer (CPP)
  • C++ Certified Senior Programmer (CPS)

You need to be certified with the lower certifications in order to climb to the higher ones, or in other words you can’t simply opt for CPS because you feel you are excelled enough to give it a whirl. Per exam, you would be spending $295 which includes a free retake as well. However, if you enroll in a course and get approved as a student, almost 50% of the fees will be waived off, allowing you to pay only $147.50 per exam.

You can get the study material and resources from its official website, C++ Institute, which would in turn help you to enroll and provide you with the exact required syllabus.

With 55-65 questions spanning within 75 minutes of exam time, and an 80% required to pass the test, you need to be attentive and cram wholeheartedly with a lot to focus on. You can easily go for dumps and take a sample exam first. It will help you decide and improve your techniques by highlighting the area you need to focus more.